Blecha Boards Manufacturing Co.

Blecha Board Shop is a place where "dreams" turn into reality. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. We choose to make things that are more eco friendly…not because it sells better, but because we are "passionate about nature, the future and our health". From choosing our materials to how we handle our waste, we always keep in mind that what we do in the present moment directly effects the future.

Our company is a direct correlation of our lifestyle. We don’t have employees, we don’t work 9-5, and we don’t have a marketing department. What we do have is passion, ambition, and an appreciation for hand crafted products. We draw our inspiration from our active outdoorsy lifestyle.

As Blecha Boards evolves, we will continue to bring you a collection of creative products wrapped in a classic aesthetic. The designs and scope of projects may change, but the mission will remain the same: Craft innovative products and experiences that will last a lifetime!